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3 pcs comforter set




These 3 pcs comforter sets are fashionable and effective. The designs are really special because there are a large variety to choose from. On top of that, our 3 pcs comforter sets are just about as comfy as it gets with their soft material and quality manufacturing. This comforter set comes with two pillow cases and the comforter itself. Our 3 pcs comforter sets will keep you warm throughout the winter months as it increasingly gets colder and comforters and blankets become a necessity. The comfort to be received is in a whole league of its own. At a reasonable price you can even get a variety to have on hand and switch up at your own convenience. Get more comfort and style with our 3 pcs comforter sets.

Additional information

Weight 3.175 kg
Dimensions 56.6 × 35.6 × 17.6 cm
Comforter Sizes



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