Free shipping on orders over $100*

Free shipping on orders over $100*

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Comfort has always been one of the most important aspects of living a good life. Our homes are our sanctuaries and as such one of the goals is always to find things to aid in a better and more comfortable existence. Where to get fleece blankets in Toronto or any other big city shouldn’t be an issue whatsoever. 

A Bit More Comfort was born out of the need to provide fleece blankets, comforters and cushions as a form of comfort and has expanded into including many more items today. What started off as questions like where to get fleece blankets in Toronto, where to get comforters in Toronto, and where to get comfort items in Toronto has now turned into, where can I get all of these various items online to be delivered right across the world to me. Comforters, quilts, adults and kids clothing and blankets are among the many things offered to our customers. Our goal is to make everybody’s home at least a bit more comfortable.

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